Dear professional dreamers,

If this deck found you, then trust that it holds some of the answers you have been seeking and that you are just where you need to be. Whether you've been longing for strategies to manage the pressures of your job or just want to feel more excited and joyful about it again, consider this your invitation to explore and grow.

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Finding yourself here opens the door for something transformative to happen. Perhaps you will discover tools that will support your well-being, perhaps you will do silly things that will make your soul dance with delight, or you will simply feel more grounded and relaxed. Whatever your case is, you have arrived at a place of possibilities.

This place is called Spikey’s Clinic, and it is the place where professional dreamers like you can visit any time and explore different remedies. When you enter the world of the Clinic, you will be warmly welcomed by our dear companion, a dragon Spikey.

Although it might be scary to face a dragon, I can assure you that Spikey neither bites nor spits fire when professional dreamers come to the Clinic. Contrariwise, Spikey can be an amazing guide through finding renewed passion in your vocation or navigating the rough waters of professional stress and burnout. Our team had spent lots of time with Spikey and what we got back was practical advice, a friendly ear, lots of laughter and a community of like-minded dreamers.

This is why we hope that Spikey's Remedies will also be your beacon of hope through whatever comes your way.


Anita Ladišić
Founder of Spikey’s Clinic


Spikey's Deck of Remedies is one of the results of the Erasmus + project in the field of youth called Spikey's Clinic for Professional Dreamers. The project was designed in spring 2021, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, when the topic of mental health and work-related stress became more relevant than ever.

Back then, many of us youth workers felt chronically tired, emotionally drained and with lots of worries on our minds. A big portion of this stress came from work – supporting youngsters in handling the pandemic, trying to implement activities when there were continuous lockdowns, and being worried about ensuring the financial sustainability of our organisations when the funding was scarce.

While everyone talked about staying strong through tough times and preached about resilience, we had a sudden realisation, our big aha moment: We'd spent so much time and energy supporting others during the pandemic that we neglected our own well-being and forgot to take care of ourselves. This realisation hit us like a ton of bricks, and we knew we had to team up and help each other do something about it.

This is how Spikey’s Clinic for Professional Dreamers came to life and its founders were us – professional dreamers from five organisations active in the fields of youth work and community development: Subjekt d.o.o. (Croatia, lead partner), Cooperativa Sociale Immaginaria A R.L. Onlus (Italy), Fundacja Edukacyjna Nausika (Poland), Larpifiers AMKE (Greece), and Nansen Dijalog Centar (Croatia).

In addition to this card deck, we developed a detailed methodology based on the best practices from the partner organisations in well-being, peer coaching and stress management. Moreover, we conducted 25 interviews with youth workers, in which they shared their firsthand experiences dealing with workplace stress and adopting nurturing practices. You can find these resources by browsing through the website

Finally, along our journey of discovering strategies to address work-related stress and nurture well-being in youth work, our team experienced many transformative moments. These included the tragic loss of one of the project's founders and the joyful birth of five babies who grew alongside the project.

We dedicate this project to them – to Valerij Jurešić who poured his heart into Spikey’s creation, and to the new lives that emerged alongside its growth. May their stories continue to inspire us to persist in the face of challenges and serve as a gentle reminder to prioritise the nurturing of well-being.